Urs Lüthi

A Solo Exhibition

25.10.2023 – 11.01.2024

Urs Lüthi’s extended and contorted self-portraits set the stage for a journey through a Kafkaesque realm, subtly alluding to the passage of time and the inexorable ageing process. However, the unfolding narrative doesn’t aim to provide definitive answers but invites you to feel. His solo exhibition serves as an opportunity to engage intimately with the enigmatic protagonist on display.
Over the course of several decades, Urs Lüthi has explored a diverse range of artistic forms, including sculpture, photography, video, body art, and happenings. His work’s complexity is evident in its unapologetic and eclectic nature, always designed to provoke thought and introspection. Lüthi’s visual output defies easy categorization, as it continuously departs from traditional self-portraiture.
As our world becomes increasingly unstable, the exhibit raises questions about comfort in a troubled society: How can one find comfort in a world threatened by war, social injustice, and environmental crises? What even constitutes comfort?
Urs Lüthi doesn’t offer answers but creates a space for introspection, oscillating between hope and despair, desire and repulsion. Through his self-portraits, this concept of an “I-object” relationship emerges to allow us to experience ourselves in relation to the world.

Urs Lüthi
How to get comfortable in an uncomfortable wordl Nr. 3
mixed media, Lifesize. Unikat

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