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12.01.2024 – 28.02.2024

Follow Jim Avignon into his diverse, parallel, fragmentarily interlocking worlds as the curtain rises on the year 2024. In these realms, familiar perceptual experiences are confounded. Avignon, a German Pop-Art artist, charges forward primarily as a painter but also as a musician, illustrator, and conceptual artist, navigating the (art) world. British Airways planes adorned with his artworks soared over Europe, and a portion of the East-Side Gallery gleams in his unparalleled colors. BMW, Mini,Telekom, and Swatch stand among his clientele.
He sees himself as an adventurer propelled by his curiosity. Art, for him, is a medium of communication, transforming him into a chronicler of urban life through exchanges with his viewers. Whether the constraints or boundless possibilities of city living, his works intersect with the political nuances shaping global and German-European relations, challenging our understanding of the world as we conceive it.His unaltered style not only renders him unmistakable but also draws connections to Neue Sachlichkeit, emphasizing his playful approach to iconographic and painterly traditions.

Avignon reverts to the world of the visible, allowing the observer to recognize numerous paraphrases of iconographically significant figures and motifs from both Old and New Masters at first glance. His oeuvre surrounds the depiction of the individual’s failure in the world. But do we truly fail, or do we continually discover new creative paths through the urban jungle—always in search of ourselves?The exhibition’s title, borrowed from a late Elvis Presley song, takes on an entirely new meaning in the age of fake news and artificial intelligence. Self-discovery stands in stark contrast to the information deluge we must navigate—always on the edge of reality.

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