Eine runde Sache

06.11.2020 – 22.01.2021

30 years of gallery leadership have prompted me to organize an exhibition of those artists that I have been promoting already in the beginning of my gallery, or at least for the last 20 years. Together we had exhibitions in the gallery, also in foreign countries: USA, China and South Africa. Globally, we presented on art fairs: Art Miami-Florida in USA and art fairs in Europe; Arco-Madrid in Spain, ARTCologne, , ARTKarlsruhe, ARTFrankfurt, Kunst Messe München and Unpainted München. Typically, the openings were concluded by a Pasta alla Galleria dinner for artists and collectors which unfortunately had to be canceled in times of corona
A ROUND UP will show either a corresponding/… or a most recent work of these long standing artists. All art medias will be represented from photography to painting and sculpture.
There will be a catalogue for this exhibiton printed.

Frank Dornseif, Beate Geissler & Oliver Sann, Philipp Goldbach, Constanze Hartmann, Nol Hennissen, Thomas Jessen, Wolfgang Kessler, Maik + Dirk Löbbert, Wasa Marjanov, Rune Mields, Sigrid Nienstedt, Beate Passow, Gabriel Paul, Stephan Reusse, Georg Thumbach, Johannes Wende, Ben Willikens, Josef Wolf.



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