Award Deutscher Wohnungsbau 2019

Callwey Verlag

18.02.2020 – 23.02.2020

Callwey Verlag presented the Award for German Residential Buildings for the first time in 2019 – in 12 categories: Aesthetic Design, Experimental Approach, Intergenerational Living, Innovative Facades, Mixed Use, Sustainable Energy Concept, Re-consolidation, Participative Planning, Neighbourhood Development, Revitalisation, Social Housing and High-rise Housing. The exhibition documents the 30 best projects. The jury awarded two first prizes; one in the category of conversion and one in the category of new construction. In addition, there were three recognitions in the category New Construction and three recognitions in the category Conversion. Partners of the competition are the Information Centre for Concrete, the architecture magazine Baumeister and Messe München with ExpoReal.
Photo: ATP/Becker