Antonio Marra + Anke Eilergerhard


10.11.2023 – 22.12.2023

MAGIC VIBES shows the art of two renowned artists as they could not be more different, and yet united in one thing: The vivid creation of complex multidimensional artworks through a play of color and form.

Anke Eilergerhardt occupies a unique artistic position worldwide with her fantastically absurd sculptures made of polyorganosiloxane (silicone). In doing so, the Berlin artist virtuously balances between the boundaries of concrete sculpture, abstraction and figurative sculpture.
Her works immediately catch the eye because of their daring compositions and their tactile and often intensely colored surfaces, suggesting a baroque opulence – framed by a conceptual austerity of concrete forms. Her sculptures unite controversial issues such as tradition and modernity, industry and manufacture, emergence and decay, balance and the loss of it, femininity and masculinity. Since 2004, Eilergerhard has transformed polyorganosiloxane (silicone) into an art material, reinventing contemporary sculpture with her abstract sculptures.

Antonio Marra’s painting is determined by a multi-perspectival idea that turns his paintings into vivid, moving kaleidoscopes that change with each step, creating different images depending on the angle. With his own found style, the painter reflects the techniques of Op-Art and Orphism, creating a surprising experience that allows us to experience unique visual and spatial effects, simultaneously stimulating us to ponder our current behavioral culture.

In the context of MAGIC VIBES Eilergerhardt and Marra enter into a profound artistic dialogue and embark on a quest for three-dimensional expression through their independent approaches to painting and sculpture. In each case, emotions are generated through the components of light, color, and space.

Antonio Marra
Von der Entgleisung des Verstands, 2023
200 x 250 cm

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